This project is meant for all peoples everywhere.

The sole purpose of this work is the empowerment of humanity through knowledge and information sharing on gardening and growing food.

Food security is becoming crucial to our survival.
So is the care of and right relationship with Mother Earth and the Natural World that we need to Live.

Growing Empowered can serve not only individuals, but entire neighborhoods & communities in concrete, life giving ways by first thoroughly considering our current approach to the Natural World we live in and how we grow food, and then learning how to adjust, adapt and apply new approaches and finally, working with the Land to grow the food we need to eat, share and preserve.

This project imparts the easiest, least expensive, least labor intensive and fastest ways of growing an abundance of nutrient dense food.

Growing Empowered is a pathway to food security and future stability.
It is a journey in skills development and resilience.
It is a new way of Living and relating to the World around us.
It is a tribute to the Soil underneath our feet.
It is a promise to the Future.

Freedom and abundance is ours to create. Together. One step at a time

Thank you for being here.


Warm Regards,

KeeKee of the North