Getting Growing Empowered into your Community

KeeKee isn’t sure how that is supposed to look yet. She’s still figuring it all out, although she knows that if she won the lotto tomorrow she would pay people to come to the Workshops so she could show them how it’s done…

Growing Empowered is an innovative project, so innovative in fact , that the people at the licensing and permitting office had never heard of another initiative like it. Many that KeeKee has spoken with have also said the same thing.

It took her over a year to decide between creating a non-profit organization or starting a business. She considered where she wanted to see Growing Empowered in 5 years – on all continents, in every Nation, and in every community imaginable. Which is possible when you consider how fast things can spread throughout the World using things like the internet and social media. But, to take it to other countries, to have people who want to share the information or help others with Growing Empowered projects in other countries, to even employ people from other countries, it is much easier to do those things as a business than as a non-profit organization. And later on down the road, if necessary and/or prudent, it is much easier to transition from a business to a non-profit organization than starting out as an NPO and transitioning to a business.

All that needs to happen is for one person, one church, one community league, one community, one front or back lawn, one organization or one non-profit organization to engage…

One teaching garden and that will be it.

KeeKee will show up, share what she knows, be certain that they have what they need and know what they’re doing and move on. If she needs to come back to help she will. But she will film it all and share it so others know… The word will spread and others will come to discover that they can do it too. And do it well.

Free food that is nutrient rich. Remedy for the heart, mind & body through working with the Earth and the many Plant Nations. Community building. Self-reliance & sustainability. Food sovereignty. Freedom.

KeeKee is open to entertaining any ideas about how to get this off the ground. All she knows is she wants to share what she knows and show others what worked for her.

Here is the garden that she developed from the ground up, nurtured and loved for seven years from start to finish…

The beginnings came with a tiller and MiracleGro. Both almost destroyed her garden. She expanded the garden. She tried other methods, including no chemicals. And the results were incredible.

(each image is clickable to zoom in)

If you’d like to connect with ideas or questions, please feel free to email KeeKee at: