The Growing Empowered Workshops

Growing Empowered is meant to be a learning process with two main components:

The first component of Growing Empowered is the Workshops:

The Workshops create a foundation of knowledge for beginning gardeners to work from. This foundation brings together the easiest, least expensive, least labor intensive & fastest methods of growing an abundance of highly nutritious food.

They also compliment a great deal of what some experienced gardeners may already know.

The goal of the Workshops is to provide that need-to-know information on gardening and growing food in an easy to understand, easy to use format.

At this time, there are 7 workshops of approximately 4 hours each:

  • Soil 101
  • Plant Culture 101
  • Planning Your Garden
  • Plant Care 101
  • Seed Culture 101
  • Harvesting & Putting the Garden to Rest
  • Innovations of Our Time

Each workshop provides a vital component to confidently knowing how to grow food and garden. These building blocks together can be taken into backyards, community gardens, vacant lots, school yards and church yards almost anywhere in the World and put toward creating something amazing for the People – FREE FOOD!!!

Some of the topics covered over the 6 workshops are:

  • Building Healthy Soil
  • How to Plan, Start & Plant a Garden
  • How to Care for your Garden
  • How to Save Seeds
  • Composting
  • Vermicomposting
  • Gardening without Chemicals
  • Harvesting & How to Preserve Food
  • And more….!

The 2nd  component of Growing Empowered is the future release of a manual that details everything covered in the workshops in-depth. It will be a ‘train the trainer’ resource.

The intention behind this component is to create an ever expanding group of people who see the importance of studying and integrating the in-depth knowledge alongside the Workshops and passing along these teachings to whomever needs them.

This is freedom from hunger & malnutrition for a great many People if it is implemented and used properly.