Connection & Community

Direct Action

A Handbook for Direct Action
Creative Direct Action Visuals
Direct Action – Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla
Ecodefense – A Fieldguide to Monkey Wrenching

Non-Violent Communication

An Introdution to Nonviolent Communication
Beyond Good & Evil – On Creating A Nonviolent World
Four Choices in NVC
Beyond Judgement and Niceness
Getting Past the Pain Between Us
Giraffe Juice
Graduating From Guilt
NVC Needs Wheels
Parenting From The Heart
Spiritual Basis of NVC
Change in Peace Building
On Strategic Non-Violent Conflict – Thinking About the Fundamentals

Alternative Perspectives

Eco Village at Ithaca – Pioneering a Sustainable Culture
Fundamentals of Anarchism
The Essential Underground Handbook
1001 Ways to Heal the Planet Global Ecovillage Network
Occupy Consciousness
European Guide to Ecovillages and Alternative Living Communities (portion)
Cooperative Farming – Framework for Working Together
Building Consensus for a Sustainable Future Putting Principles into Practice (long)
Building Consensus for a Sustainable Future Guiding Principles (short)
A Consensus Handbook
The Five Fold Path of Productive Meetings – Starhawk
A Consensus Handbook