Cancer Curing Info


The Cure for Cancer – The Rick Simpson Protocol
How to Dissolve Energy Blocks in the Human Body
The Cancer Book
The Cancer Cure that Worked
Cancer Cures
Dr. Kelleys Cancer Cure
Black Salve – Bloodroot Salve Cancer Cure
Oil Pulling – Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is excellent for OP
How to Cure Almost Any Cancer
I Beat Cancer
The Cancer Business
The Hidden Truth of Cancer
Papaya Leaf Cure
Calling of an Angel (Essiac Tea)
The Cure for All Diseases’s Cancer Remedies PageĀ  – please note there are other sections on EarthClinic where people have tried other remedies for very specific types of cancer. You can find those sections here.

The Truth About Cancer website.

Bentonite Clay is another detox solution/cure…

You will have to use the search/find function on this page Bentonite Clay Info Testimonials to find more info.

This is where I get my clay from:

I have been using this clay for years. It is of excellent quality.

Marshall is the owner of Best Bentonite.

His email for shipping quotes and questions:

There is more info (pdfs, books, manuals etc.) on clay here:

I hope all of this serves you well.

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