Alternative Heat & Energy


DIY Biogas Manual


Rocket Thermal Mass Heater Operation and Maintenance
Rocket Thermal Mass Heater – The Annex
Proposal on Rocket Thermal Mass Heaters from Portland, Oregon Capturing Heat with Rocket Stoves
Build a Rocket Stove for Home Heating
Low Cost DIY Homemade Solar Hot Water Heater
Zero Fossil Fuel Rocket Stove Heater
Masonry Stove Heater for Efficient Heat
Masonry Heater Design Ideas
How to Make a Candle Heater
How to Build a Rocket Mass Heater
Zero Fossil Fuel Rocket Stove Heater
Rocket Thermal Mass Stoves
Rocket Thermal Mass Heater
Rocket Stove Water Heater
Rocket Stove Training Manual
Rocket Stove Design Guide
Rocket Stove Construction Manual
Rocket Mass Heater
Pocket Rocket Stove
New Rocket Stove Designs
How to Build a Rocket Stove Yourself
DIY Rocket Stove and Rocket Stove Heater


Micro Gasification Cooking With Gas From Biomass
Biomass Gasification Report


Layman’s Guidebook on Small Hydro
DIY Installing a Hydro System
Compendium of Small Hydro Power 2002


Windpower Workshop Building Your Own Wind Turbine
DIY 1000 Watt Wind Turbine

Solar (additional solar projects included)

Passive Solar Greenhouses
The Complete Solar Homes DIY Manual
The Book of DIY Solar Cooker Designs and Recipes
Solar Greenhouses Construction Manual
Solar Dehydrator & Guide
Poor Man’s Guide to Solar Hot Water
Low Cost DIY Homemade Solar Hot Water Heater
DIY Solar Still
DIY Solar Radio
DIY Solar Panel How To
DIY Solar Panel Guide
DIY Solar Hot Water
DIY Solar Generator Shown on a Survivalist Forum
Build Your Own Solar Generator
Build Your Own Solar Water Heater
DIY Solar Panels

Obscure Knowledge & Other Alternatives

Fuel From Farms – A Guide to Small Scale Ethanol Production
A Complete Guide to Build a Joe Cell – 2012
Experimental Guide for Joe Cells
Alex Schiffer’s Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell 1999
Magrav Power Schematics updated 10-31-15 v2